Jeff Ramadan, CEO & Founder                                                      
NRA Certified Instructor                                                                   
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer                                               

Our Company Philosophy

Versatility and Flexibility.

Shoot Safely Now! is owned and operated by NRA Certified Instructors and Certified Range Safety Officers.  We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor our instruction to your individual needs.  If you are simply interested in just the most basic instruction on safe handling and storage of firearms, we will will get you there quickly, safely, and enjoyably.  If you have an interest in embarking on one or more of the shooting sports (skeet, trap, marksmanship, etc.), we can get you there too!  If you are interested in basic self defense using firearms, we can get you there as well.  No prior skill or experience level is expected or required.

The Shoot Safely Now! Program is designed so that you will receive hands-on, personally focused training. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of three students per instructor to ensure that all attendees receive the personal attention that is so vital to our methodology.

We Are Proudly ADA Compliant

If you are a person with a physical disability, we look forward to the challenge of working with your needs and providing an enjoyable, valuable experience in imparting you with critical firearms skills.

What you won't find with us.

Many folks have an interest in learning about firearms but are put off by the right wing politics, the "military" style approach, the hunting trophies, etc..  With us, we promise not to preach politics, we promise not to wear camouflage or play Rambo, and you definitely will not see any hunting trophies anywhere... period.  All persons of all political and social backgrounds are welcome.